Rust Repair

DIY Tips for Repairing Rust

Rust RepairEven if you take good care of your metal objects, they can still be prone to develop rust after time. Many rusty areas can easily be repaired at home. It is much easier to do necessary rust repair when signs of it are first noticed.

Clean and Scrape

Clean and ScrapeRemove any caked on mud or dirt by spraying the item with a garden hose. After doing so, you will need to remove any peeling or flaking paint that is over the top of the rusty spot. This can be done with a metal scraper or putty knife, and then flakes can be whisked away with a small hand broom or soft brush. Remove all the loose paint from the rusty spot and just a little bit from the area immediately surrounding it.

Remove Rust

Remove RustAfter all the paint has been removed,you’ll need to get rid of the rust. For this stage of rust repair, you will need a sanding block with heavy grit sandpaper, steel wool, and a wire brush. Begin sanding vigorously with the sanding block until most of the rust has been removed. Finish eliminating the rust with the steel wool or by using the wire brush. In cases where the rust is completely through an item, remove only the top layer of it, and then sand any rough edges smooth.

Prime the Area

Prime the AreaUse a soft brush to get rid of any dust that is present after sanding the rust; you may also use a vacuum cleaner to do this. Make sure the area is clean and dry before you begin to prime it. Use a primer that contains zinc or chromide if possible as this provides protection against future rust damage. If that is not possible, use an industrial strength primer instead. Apply the primer using a paint brush, and then allow it to dry completely before painting over it. Several cases of rust could require two to three coats of primer, and if this is the case, then wait at least 12 hours between additional applications.

Painting over Rust

Painting over RustAfter a sufficient amount of primer has been added, paint over the repaired area to make it look like new and provide additional protection. Use a paint that is designed especially for metal so it will provide adequate rust protection. Apply the paint to the area with a paintbrush and then allow it to dry completely. After that, you can finish painting the rest of your item with the same paint so that the entire piece will look like new again. If some of the rust remains visible after doing this, add a second coat to the entire item in order to provide additional coverage and help disguise the repair.

Rust repair is fairly easy to perform; however, it is important to take the time required in order to do this job right. With careful attention to detail, you can prevent future rust damage from occurring while also helping your metal objects look and function like new again.