How to Remove Rust Stains from Concrete

How to Remove Rust Stains from Concrete

If the foundation of your home is covered with rust from water that comes from your garden hose or water sprinkler, it can deter from the overall beauty of your home. The first instinct for some is to use bleach, but I must advise you DO NOT USE BLEACH. It only makes the rust look worse. Others may just leave the rust alone, but that too, creates a problem because after awhile the rust becomes very hard to penetrate, not to mention an extreme eyesore. While it may seem impossible to remove those stains, fortunately it is not. In fact, it can be fairly easy to rid your home of them. Of course, you have to keep up with the following tips. They are not one-time solutions, but rather ongoing solutions. They will remove the rust, but not prevent it from returning.

Option One: The first option you can try is putting vinegar in a spray bottle. You can use brown (apple) or white vinegar. Simply saturate the areas that are rusted with the vinegar and allow it to settle in. After a half an hour or so, come back with a scrub brush that has hard bristles and use it to break up the rust deposits on the concrete. Rinse away and your concrete will look as good as new at best, or a lot better, at least.


Option Two: You can purchase a commercial rust remover, but if you have foliage or green that is precious to you, consider purchasing an organic type that will not harm plant life. If you prefer the raw strength of the heavy duty cleaner, purchase light weight tarps to put on your foliage that you do not want damaged. You must exert care, however, with the rinsing stage as where the water (runoff) goes, the cleaner goes too. These cleaners are specifically designed to remove rust from the home and can be found in any hardware store. Use goggles and safety gloves when applying and know that your clothing can stain if it comes in contact with the cleaner.


Option Three: Purchase oxalic acid and mix with water per instructions. Use a big thick sponge, or mop head to saturate the concrete with this solution and allow it to sit for three or four hours. Make sure to get the entire area soaked. When it is time to rinse, use a good stiff bristled brush to scrub it up real well, and then rinse it. As with the commercial rust remover option, you want to be very careful with your application and runoff water, as it can cause damage to plant life it comes in contact with.


If you have small rust stains that have appeared on your concrete, there are two very easy solutions to remove them. The first is to put Lime Away rust remover on it, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. The second way, and the one I prefer, is to squeeze juice from a lemon directly onto the small rust spot. Allow to settle for an hour or so and then rinse away. The stain should be gone, and nothing in the area harmed from the lemon juice.


Ridding your home from unsightly rust does not have to be difficult, and the stain-free results will instantly improve its appearance, and your peace of mind.

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