Removing Rust From A Boat

Removing Rust From A Boat

If you want your boat to last you a long time, then it needs to be taken care of, so it can operate to the best level. This is the same for any vehicle. If you don’t take care of it, you will have to pay a lot of money down the road that you could have saved. One big problem with boats is – when they get rust and it takes a lot of hard work to make sure this never happens. One positive point is anyone can take care of a boat even when it does collect rust.

You will need some clean rags, all-purpose detergent, and some clean water to clean a boat that got dirty, while it was navigating through bodies of water. When it comes time to clean spots that have rust, you want to make sure  that the rusty spots are very clean. When you apply some type of rust remover, let it sit for a moment before you start spreading over the affected areas. After you used the rust remover, wash it with clean water and dry the boat with clean rags.

If you have the problem from rust staining a fiberglass surface then the process to get rid of rust is different. Luckily, you can use a cleaning solution and with some strong scrubbing, the rust will be removed. While wearing rubber gloves, get a cleaning solution that is supposed to remove rust and place it where the rust has formed. After the cleaning solution that treats rust has had some time to soak into the rust then you can take away the cleaning solution by wiping it with a sponge. If you are unsuccessful then repeat the process but when you are wiping the cleaning solution, you will want to scrub the rust off with the sponge. When the rust is gone then clean that part of the boat with water.

What happens with fiberglass is – the metal elements may result in rust and the chance of stains forming is higher if the boat spends a lot of time in saltwater. Soap and water will not be enough if rust has formed on the gel coating surface. While you could use cleaners that have been promoted for moving rust stains, it’s better to use oxalic acid which is found in most rust removers because it will get rid of the rust and you don’t have to worry about wrecking the metal elements of the boat.

The first step that is recommended is to remove all garbage from the hull and you’ll need water mixed with soap, a scrub brush, and a pressure washer. It’s recommended to wear not only rubber gloves, but also wear safety goggles. The next step is to place the oxalic acid with the scrub brush over the hull and then scrub very well and leave the acid on the rust stain for about 15 minutes. After that time has passed, use the pressure washer to wash the hull. You will want to inspect the hull of the boat once the boat is dry. If rust is still there then you will have to repeat the process, but let the acid stay on the boat for 45 minutes. After you have repeated the process a second time, check to see if any rust still exists.

You spent a lot of money when you purchased your boat and you want to make sure it could be used to travel over water and look appealing for many years to come , so the boat can keep its original value.

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