Rust Treatment

Rust Treatment

Iron corrosion results in rust that does not look nice at all. It appears on metal surfaces, damaging the appearance and eventually destroying the object it engulfs. Lest this sound like a chemistry lecture, toys, strollers, bumpers on your cars, tubs, garden tools and bicycles will start to rust over time. And of course you don’t want that.

Although there are numerous commercial tools that are used to remove rust, it may turn out to be a more expensive and more harmful solution to your problem. Of course, with all that, you won’t find what works for you from the first try.

On the other hand, there are natural solutions, much cheaper, healthier and easily usable.

Vinegar has been used very successfully in removing rust. It acts very quickly on rust-affected areas and removes it from metal surfaces. Soak the metal objects with vinegar, or soak them in vinegar for about 24 hours, then simply, using a regular cloth, wipe the object.

Salt has an abrasive effect and the acidic properties of lemon juice are an effective rust remover. Simply prepare lemon juice and salt paste. Apply this mixture to rusty surfaces and scrape together after a few hours.

There are a whole bunch of texts on the internet about the various beneficial properties of baking soda. It is easily accessible, it is available in every household, and is also used as an effective rust remover. Mix some water with baking soda and prepare a thick paste. Coat a rusty surface with a paste and clean everything after a while. If the paste has become too dry in the meantime, apply an even smaller amount of paste to avoid scratching the objects you are cleaning. This is the most effective tool for cleaning garden tools, bicycles and generally many surfaces exposed to rust.

Using potatoes is one very effective natural way to remove rust. How? Potatoes contain acids that help to dissolve rust. Cut the potatoes in half, and put salt on both halves. Firmly scrub the surface affected by rust, occasionally adding salt, until the rust is completely removed. Instead of salt, you can also use the baking soda mentioned above.

Molasses is another effective means of removing rust from metal surfaces. It contains high concentrations of many minerals that help to remove rust naturally. If your gardening items are attacked by rust, here’s what you’ll do.

Fill a plastic bucket with 12 units of water and one unit of molasses. Soak a rusty object in this mixture. Only after you see that the rust is completely dissolved, remove the object from this mixture. Rinse with water and wipe with a dry cloth.

What if you spot some rust spots on your car?

You can repair the minimum surfaces yourself. After thorough washing, the “diseased” surface should be carefully cleaned from rust with a grinder, steel brush and sandpaper until you reach a “healthy” sheet. If necessary, fill the bumps with a grit, which you will sand after drying. Only then you should apply the base paint,

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